All our grapes are exclusively harvested manually. Our white wines are spontaneously fermented (i.e. with natural yeasts only) and matured in wooden barrels or used barriques. We are convinced that great and complex white wines are only possible with natural fermentation. All our wines are vegan. Our production is free from enzymes, clarifiers and protein-stabilizers. We do not de-acidify or concentrate our wines. As far as possible vinification takes place in a “non-steered” manner. Our wines are kept on the lees for a long time, and by this they age very well. Our wines often need time to further develop when bottled. They are rather not made for quick consumption.

The Wines

Burgundy Wine from the Langsurer Brüderberg (Southern Moselle region)

The white wine from the single site Langsurer Brüderberg consists of approximately 90% Chardonnay complemented by a 10% selection of other burgundy varieties (Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Viognier, Gewürztraminer, Muscatel). The Chardonnay vines are of the best genetically old classic clones or „Séléction Massale“ - provenance with very low yield – on slow growing root stocks.

Our Chardonnay is grown alongside the previously mentioned grape varieties, then harvested and developed along with those as a so-called "field blend" (as opposed to a Cuvée). This method, still standard practice in the 19th century, is today unique in the Moselle region and produces wines of immense complexity. You will find the exotic character of the field blend in our white wine vintages from the Langsurer Brüderberg.

In line with our philosophy we enable our grapes to fully ripen. The yield in the Langsurer Brüderberg is extremely low.

Our field blends are developed under the direction of cellarmaster Gernot Kollmann, who had also advised us on the recultivation of the Langsurer Brüderberg.

Also the Pinot Noir vines in the Langsurer Brüderberg are from the Burgundy region and produce only a very low yield.

Wines from the Oberemmeler Altenberg,
Wiltinger Klosterberg and Braunfels (Saar)

The recently cultivated plots on the Oberemmeler Altenberg, Wiltinger Klosterberg and Wiltinger Braunfels on the River Saar brought their first yield in 2015. The vineyards, all situated on extremely steep gradient slate slopes on the Saar are planted with Riesling, Pinot Noir and some Pinot Noir Précoce; mainly in classic single pile fashion.